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Coexist Gallery

Coexist Gallery is a progressive glass gallery with a mission of educating, connecting and serving the community. The gallery floor is comprised of high-end glass and a variety of devices for vaporization including those approved by the Department of Health for Medical Marijuana consumption. In addition to an assortment of retail products, each of the gallery owners and their staff have acquired an Americans for Safe Access Cannabis Care Certification to ensure patients and caregivers have knowledgeable representatives to support them.



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Canna Care Docs

 The Canna Care Docs team is comprised of physicians, licensed healthcare practitioners and support staff who all share the goal of helping patients along their medical cannabis journey. Since 2013, we have been providing high quality medical cannabis education and certification to thousands of patients. 

Canna Care Docs is committed to cannabis as medicine, the benefits it could provide as a part of your treatment plan, and providing safe and compliant access to medical marijuana programs. At Canna Care Docs, we are always in compliance with all state medical marijuana bylaws and ordinances. We offer a path into your state’s medical marijuana framework and provide education to ensure you understand how to remain compliant as a patient.